18 Tonne Vehicles For Courier Use

There are often times when companies in the UK need to transport a large or heavy load which would be unable to be loaded onto a usual courier type van, due to the size or weight restrictions. Whether this be a shipment of pallets, a piece of heavy manufactured steel or oversized cladding, the nature of the these vehicles makes them a very versatile option for same day delivery services in the courier industry.


The 18 tonne lorry is an 8 class truck. There are different kind of bodies available on these lorries, such as box, curtain-side, flatbed, fridge, plant, dropside, skip and hook loader. The most popular and most common type of body for courier use in the United Kingdom is the box and curtain-sider. The box type body loads from the rear, whereas the curtain sider means that the side of the vehicle is covered with the curtain whilst travelling but the curtain can be drawn back to allow access to the vehicle for loading and unloading.

The lorry dimensions are 7.5 metres in length, 2.4 metres in width and 2.3 metres in height. In addition to that, vehicle dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer of the lorry and the body type as well.

The 18 tonne vehicle also has a feature of the tail lift. With the load limit up to 1500 kilograms, it can make the work easier and faster for the client and the couriers by lifting things onto and off the lorry. The tail lift is predominantly used on the box type body vehicle, whereby pallets would be assisted onto the tail lift via a fork lift or pallet truck and then raised up and moved into position on the vehicle. The curtain sider offers more versatility whereby, as mentioned previously, items can be loaded from the side, allowing oversized or heavier items to be manoeuvred into position and secured far easier than a tail lift would allow.

Weight limits can not be exceeded when using any vehicle, especially when it comes to transporting services. There are very strict laws with regard to this and anybody found exceeding the weight limits will be subject to heavy fines and perhaps other action depending on the severity of the load being exceeded.

18 Tonne Lorry Truck Weight Capacity

Cubic capacity of 18-tonne vehicles for courier use can be up to 42 cubic meters. This amounts to approximately 9 tonnes of payload so it allows a far greater capacity to transport bigger loads than a 7.5 tonne vehicle could.

This type of lorry is known as a commercial truck. It can deliver any kind of loads which do not exceed the allowed weight limit. That being said, these kind of vehicles mostly carry pallets, and this would relate to around 16 pallets. There are limits to how long the drivers can drive these size vehicles which must be adhered to and are strictly monitored via tachograph. This should be taken into account if a load needs to be delivered over a long distance. Two drivers are often used in this instance to alleviate any downtime time that might otherwise result with one driving while the other one sleeps and takes over the driving once the initial driver reaches his limit.

All in all, an 18 tonne vehicle for courier service is a great option if you have a large load to transport.