The General Way To Replace Car Battery.

Have you been suffering the usual signs indicating your battery may be about to fail , you might have been experiencing some electrical trouble , slow starting or maybe its just getting near its average age lifespan which is generally 2-4 years.

If its too late and you find yourself stranded with a completely dead car battery, you might to consider finding a local mobile car battery replacement service in your area.

If your thinking about changing it yourself , this gives you a general idea of the steps you need to take . Double check the car manufacturers guide before actually attempting to do so.

Don’t get caught out starting to change the car battery and find you have the wrong one or you don’t have the correct tools to complete the job.

If your car has special requirements , and your not comfortable changing your battery, its best to appoint a car battery repair specialist.

General Battery Swap Out Procedure.

Step 1 Everything Must Be Switched Off

Ensure you have turned everything off and keys are removed from ignition.

Step 2 Where’s the battery.

The most common places you will find the battery are under the hood, in the boot, or under the seats.

Step 3 Un-doing the battery clamps.

Car Batteries are normally held down with a clamp, which will either be placed across the top or at the base of the battery. You will need either need a spanner or socket to undo.

Step 4 Trying to Save Electrical Settings.

Your vehicle probably has electrical settings saved in its memory, these could possibly lost if you disconnect your battery without an external power back up. These can usually be purchased on line or at a auto shop for a reasonable cost.

Step 5 Time To Detach The Battery.

Make sure the area you are working in is clear and easy to access, if your using external power be careful as the battery leads will still be powered when detached.

Disconnecting the battery leads

(Disconnect The Negative Lead 1st).

Start by undoing and detaching the negative lead first , it will have the – (minus) sign on it or the show on the battery itself.

(Disconnect The Positive Lead Next).

Once you have the negative lead off , proceed to take off the positive terminal next which has the + (plus) sign on it .

After you have the leads removed shift them out of the way , so they do not come into contact with anything else and you can remove the old battery easily.

Step 6. Fitting The New Battery.

Before you lift the new battery into place , make sure the area is clear and battery leads are not in the way. Place the new battery into its location.

(Connect the Positive Terminal ).

Attach the positive lead onto the positive battery terminal first , make sure its pushed down and secure. Tighten the nut or bolt back up.

(Secure the Negative Terminal 2nd).

Next you want to attach the negative lead, make sure its secure and tightened. If you battery has a eternal vent pipe , connect it now.

Step 7 Remove Any External Power Connected.

Once you have the new car battery in place and hooked up, make sure if you have any external power connected you disconnect it before starting the vehicle.

Step 8. Start The Car And Test.

Once your happy , proceed to start the car and test everything is working.

Step 9. Secure The Battery Back Down.

Now you have started the vehicle and are confident that all is ok, refit the battery hold down ,make sure you do not make connection with the live battery terminals and the battery is secure.

Well done you should now have your new car battery fitted and everything working as it should.